Selectivity is a full-service marketing communications business. Our marketing messages get results — the kind of bottom-line results that boost both sales and profits.

But if you’re like most people, you don’t really want to work with a company—you want to work with another human being. So, Selectivity is really me, Kimberly Mass. (When I write “our” and “us,” I’m including the experts in market research, graphic design, and new media that I occasionally consult with.) In a way, we’ve already met, or least you’ve heard my “voice” as you’ve read this Web site. Here’s just some of what I bring my clients:

Marketing know-how

To create effective marketing messages, you need to know marketing. (It sounds obvious, but some “marketing” writers seem to think it’s enough to be clever with words.) I’ve been leading successful marketing efforts for nearly 20 years, both as a corporate director of marketing and as the owner of Selectivity. It helps that I also have an MBA with a concentration in marketing from the University of Michigan.

Writing skill

Of course, poorly written marketing messages that confuse or bore their audience aren’t much help either. My writing is focused, credible, and persuasive—it speaks directly to readers in ways they can respond to. It can also be plain-spoken, whimsical, inspiring, weighty, or something else entirely, depending on your needs.  (My undergraduate degree in English probably has something to do with that.)

Client commitment

What you probably want to know is actually quite simple: Will I do what I say I’ll do, on time and on budget? Will I be easy to work with? Will I treat you and your organization like a valued partner? I can tell you that I am completely committed to my clients and am honored to be part of their business success, but I think the testimonials throughout this site are much more convincing. I will tell you that I’ve worked with many of my clients for years, even after they’ve left one company to join another, and I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization.

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