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Ashcom Technologies

Ashcom Technologies develops software and provides consulting services in the areas of computerized maintenance management, document management, and automated invoice processing.

The situation

Since 2003, Ashcom Technologies has relied on Selectivity to successfully market its software and consulting solutions. Today’s tough economy made the recent launch of MaintiMizer™ 4.0, the latest version of Ashcom’s flagship computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), particularly challenging. How do you cost-effectively target multiple markets and convince your prospects that you clearly understand—and can solve—their most pressing problems?

The solution

Selectivity created a series of e-mail messages targeted at three distinct markets: current MaintiMizer™ users, users of a competitive CMMS, and non-CMMS users. The messages clearly and specifically describe how MaintiMizer™ 4.0 helps organizations control costs, increase quality, improve employee morale and customer satisfaction, and generate profits.

The result

Capitalizing on the leads generated by the e-mail campaign, Ashcom upgraded several current clients to MaintiMizer™ 4.0, and, despite the tough economy, added new clients as well.

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