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Royal Group Services

Royal Group Services develops and delivers unique insurance products for the payment card industry.

The situation

Royal Group Services (RGS) sells unique insurance products that protect banks and merchants from the potentially catastrophic costs of payment card fraud. In its early market research, RGS discovered that most prospects had no idea of the risk they faced and had never heard of—let alone considered—this kind of insurance. How do you create a market for an innovative (but intangible) product and then convince that market you have the exact solution it needs?

The solution

Using concrete, dollars-and-cents examples based on the latest research, Selectivity created a series of one-page flyers emphasizing the very real economic effects of payment card fraud on banks and merchants. Written to be both informative and engaging, the flyers highlight exactly how RGS products protect against those threats without lapsing into complicated (or boring) “insurance-speak.”

The result

Over the 18 months Selectivity has worked with RGS, sales have exceeded expectations: up 45% in the first year and nearly 90% in the second year.

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