From sales letters to Web content, from press releases to product brochures, from annual reports to newsletters, effective copywriting harnesses the power of words to achieve results. But copywriting is about more than attracting new customers—used well, copywriting can retain and energize existing customers, motivate employees, generate positive press, and inspire success throughout your entire organization.

Editing and researching

Your organization looks as good (or as bad) as the image it presents. Professional, careful editing not only improves your image, it makes it more likely that the hard work you put into your article or book will actually lead to publication. Researching is just as important—how credible or knowledgeable can you look if you have the facts wrong?


Sometimes you simply don’t know where to begin. Should you publish a newsletter? Use e-mail or regular mail for a sales letter? Start from scratch or update the marketing materials you already have? Maybe you don’t even know what question to ask. A brief consulting engagement may be just what your organization needs to get started in the right direction.

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